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Alert from KnowBe4 - Hovering Over Links

Sep 30, 2022 9:00:00 AM / by KnowBe4 posted in IT, Cyber-Security, Ransomware, Cybersecurity, Email Compromise, Vendor Email Compromise, VEC, Cybercrime, Cyber Crime, Small Business, Phishing


Many phishing attempts can be thwarted simply by educating your employees. Even if you catch red flags in an email, such as typos or poor grammar, an urgent demeanor, or even a spoofed domain, how can you truly decipher the safety of an email?

An immediate step you can take is to watch out for one of the most critical tell-tale signs of a phishing email  a mismatched or fake URL.

Why is hovering important? What can it do for you?
Hovering not only allows you a moment to think before proceeding, it allows you the opportunity to see where a link is going to redirect you. This is especially important because not all links lead to where they appear, or insinuate they'll go.

When you hover, check for the following to ensure you're staying safe and secure:

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Alert from KnowBe4: Don't Reuse That Password!

Sep 29, 2022 3:00:00 PM / by KnowBe4 posted in IT, security, technology, Cyber-Security, Cybersecurity


So long as there is technology, data breaches are here to stay. As technology evolves, so will the sophistication of cyber attacks. These breaches don't just affect you and your business. In fact, one of the greatest risks to global economic stability is cyberattacks. 


A data breach is a leak of sensitive or confidential information, whether intentional or unintentional. It is almost a guarantee that at least one of your passwords, past or present, has been exposed by a data breach.

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Multifactor Authentication: Because Passwords Aren't Enough

Sep 29, 2022 8:00:00 AM / by April L. Sy posted in IT, Cyber-Security, Cybersecurity, Email Compromise, Vendor Email Compromise, Cybercrime, Small Business, Phishing, MFA, 2FA, Multifactor Authentication


What is MFA and Why Aren't Passwords Alone Good Enough?

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), two-step verification, and Multi-Factor Verification (MFA) are all names for a process that makes the user prove their identity. MFA requires an individual to provide two or more credentials to authenticate their identity, thus adding an extra level of protection to user accounts.

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It's the Season for Cybercrime

Oct 13, 2021 10:44:44 AM / by James Keeler and April Sy posted in IT, technology, Cybersecurity


Retailers aren't the only ones who will profit this holiday season. Work and personal inboxes are flooded this time of year with enticing holiday shopping deals potentially using social engineering tactics that put your company at risk. The Holiday season is the biggest shopping season – and also the largest and most profitable phishing season for cybercriminals.

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