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Don't Let Returning Computers Infect Your Office

May 6, 2020 8:00:00 PM / by LMT Tech

Just as you should take precautions to make sure returning workers aren't sick, you will want to make sure returning computers are not sick as well. It is imperative that incoming computers are checked for infections and safety measures are performed before you allow them back onto the corporate network.

Getting Ready to Open the Office

As you organize your “Returning to Work” plan for your company, LMT stands ready to securely reconnect your remote workforce back into the corporate network. Here are some helpful tasks your employees can begin doing at home as they prepare to return.


Remove Non-Business Applications - To Reduce Your Vulnerabilities

  • Web browser add-ons/extensions 
  • Printer software for your home printer (if this will not be used on the work PC again)
  • eLearning software for remote schoolwork 
  • Video streaming applications that won’t be used again for work purposes 
  • Media players/entertainment applications 
  • Personal tax preparation software 
  • Games

Remove Personal (Non-Business) Data - To Reduce SHIELD Liability & Exposure

Move the following from your work computer to your personal computer or other non-business-owned secure storage solution:
  • Resume
  • 1040, W2, Tax Returns
  • Health Insurance Information
  • Mortgage Application or Information
  • Personal Photos
  • Kids’ School Work or College Applications
  • Car Insurance Policy, etc.

Also be sure to clear out saved passwords for personal accounts.

  • Banking
  • Online courses/eLearning sites
  • Gmail
  • Video Streaming Services
  • Amazon
  • Social Media

Apply Windows and Application Patches - To Protect Your Devices


If you DO have LMT Desktop Management If you DON'T have LMT Desktop Management: 
  • Leave your computer powered on  overnight (especially overnight Tuesday and Friday) to allow the virus scans and patching to run. 
  • For Windows 10: Start Menu -> Settings -> Update & Security -> Check for Updates 
  • For Applications: Generally speaking, check the Help menu – sometimes there’s a “Check for Updates” button there or in the Help -> About section 


Turn Off Automatic File Sync Features - To Prevent File Corruption

  • Check with your IT contact before connecting your laptop back to the company server or powering up a dormant PC to avoid accidental sync issues. 


Taking the above actions should reduce your IT risks and prepare your staff for a smooth transition back to the office. LMT is here to help! Give us a call at 585-784-7470 if you need any assistance.

Stay cyber-safe!


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