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Become a Better Human Firewall

Jan 7, 2021 5:01:22 PM / by KnowBe4

Here are important insights as what you can do to make you employees a better human firewall to keep you and your organization safe online. 

TOP 5 WAYS You Can Improve Your Cybersecurity

35859646_sStop Using Your Old Passwords and Upgrade to a Password Management System.

Make this the year that you stop bad password habits, such as reusing passwords, using variations of the same passwords, using easy to guess passwords, or saving your passwords in your web browser.

These password habits make you an easy target for cybercriminals to steal your credentials and other personal information. Try using a password management system. LMT is partnered with LastPass to securely generate and store these passwords. Any of our Account Managers can help you get set up. 


35859647_sDouble Your Security with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

Some services and applications allow you to set up Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), a critical security requirement for Microsoft 365. MFA protects your account from cybercriminals by requiring that you enter your password and a unique one-time code.

This requires the bad guys to have both your secure password and this one-time code in order to get access to your account. Resolve to make the bad guy’s job more difficult in 2021 by setting up MFA wherever available.


35859649_sClean Up Your Workspace.

It’s important to keep the area around your workstation free of any information that a cybercriminal could use against you or your organization. Take, for example, passwords. Never write your passwords down, and definitely don’t write your passwords down and leave that note by your workstation.

Also, be sure to remove or put away any confidential information that you may have on your desk whenever you leave. If you need to dispose of any paperwork that has confidential information on it, make sure you shred the document instead of throwing it away.


Don’t Let Piggybackers Get the Best of You.

If you are working in the office or will be working in the office anytime in the future, resolve to not allow any piggybackers into the building behind you. Your organization may require you to wear a badge or use other security methods to ensure that only their employees have access to the building.

The bad guys will try to take advantage of your goodwill by asking you to hold the door for them. If you don’t recognize the person, you should either ask to escort them to where they are going or kindly inform them that they will need to open the door themselves.


Re-Read Your Company’s Security Policy

When you first started working at your organization, you most likely read through the security policy. This policy details the guidelines that you as an employee have agreed to follow. Start the new year off right by re-reviewing this policy and see what areas of security you can improve upon.

These guidelines were created to keep you and your organization safe from cybercriminals. Take the time this year to refresh your memory and ensure you fully understand and are following your company’s security policy.


LMT has partnered with KnowBe4, one of the leading providers of Security Awareness Training and helping organizations meet regulatory requirements for preventative measures.  Reach out to your Account Manager if you would like to learn more!


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